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Ever since we first discovered Bludit years ago, it has become our CMS of choice. We've dedicated ourselves to crafting a variety of themes and plugins to enhance its functionality. Let us guide you through the wonders of this exceptional system and help you realize its full potential.

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Explore our curated collection of stunning Bludit themes, perfect for both personal and professional use.


Unlock new capabilities and features with our premium Bludit plugins.


Got a brilliant idea for customizing your Bludit site? We're here to bring your vision to life!


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Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to tailor your site precisely to your preferences.

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Dive into our handpicked selection of breathtaking themes, ideal for enhancing both personal and professional websites.

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Elevate your website with advanced functionality and features through our exclusive plugins.

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Have an innovative customization idea for your website? Let us transform your concept into reality!

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Don't just take our word for the impact and quality of our work — let the glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients speak for themselves. These accolades from some of our top clients showcase the real-world benefits and enhancements our services have brought to their websites.

Rebekah Marquez

Data Entry Keyer

BluditLab was instrumental in launching my website from concept to live. Although I possess a fair amount of technical knowledge, this was my first foray into website setup. Remarkably, BluditLab streamlined the process, enabling me to have my site operational in mere hours.

Edward Montgomery

Music Therapist

Embarking on my journey as a music therapist, I embraced the new chapter of establishing a side practice with enthusiasm. BluditLab played a pivotal role in this transition, empowering me to craft a professional online presence. Through their intuitive platform, I was able to swiftly attract and engage with clients, setting the stage for a fulfilling path in music therapy.

Shawn Lin


BluditLab has firmly established itself as an essential partner in all my online endeavors. Whenever I embark on a new start-up, they are invariably my go-to choice. Their professionalism and the quality of their work consistently exceed my expectations, making them a trusted ally in the digital landscape.

Jana Ritenour

Healthcare Practitioner

I had long harbored the desire to share insights and experiences from my personal life through an online blog. The thought of navigating the complexities of setting one up, however, seemed daunting, and I was reluctant to commit to ongoing monthly fees associated with platforms like Wix. Fortunately, BluditLab offered a solution that aligned perfectly with my needs, facilitating the creation of a visually appealing blog in a straightforward and efficient manner.

Joseph Young

Court Clerk

In my quest for a custom plugin tailored specifically for my Bludit site, I turned to BluditLab. Remarkably, their team was not only able to develop the plugin within a mere couple of days but also at a cost more affordable than the quotes I had received elsewhere. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness greatly exceeded my expectations.

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