Easy Text Replace

Effortlessly update your website's content with Easy Text Replace. Replace specific words or phrases across all pages and back up existing content before making changes. Keep your site accurate and relevant while ensuring you can restore if needed.

Easy Text Replace Bludit Plugin

Easy Text Replace - Free Bludit Content Plugin

Maintaining the relevance and accuracy of your website's content is essential for engaging your audience and ensuring up-to-date information. The Easy Text Replace plugin offers a seamless and efficient way to replace specific words or phrases across all your site's pages, while also providing an option to back up your content. This tool is designed to help you update your site with minimal effort and maximum reliability.

Efficient Content Updating

The Easy Text Replace plugin is built to streamline the process of updating content across your site. Here are some features that make our plugin indispensable for website administrators:

  • Comprehensive Backup: Before making any changes, the plugin can automatically create backups of your existing pages and content. This ensures that you can restore your site to its previous state if necessary, providing peace of mind.

  • Easy to Use: With a simple interface and intuitive controls, the Easy Text Replace plugin makes it easy to update your site. Just specify the words or phrases you want to replace and their replacements, and the plugin will handle the rest.

  • Batch Replacement: The plugin supports replacing multiple words or phrases at a time, making it highly efficient for bulk updates. Simply separate the words with commas, and the plugin will replace them accordingly.

  • Safety First: The plugin includes a confirmation alert to prevent accidental replacements. You'll always have the opportunity to confirm your actions, ensuring that your content is only modified when you truly intend to do so.

Streamlining Content Management

The Easy Text Replace plugin is more than just a tool for updating words—it’s a comprehensive solution for managing your site's content lifecycle. By providing easy backup and replacement functionalities, you can ensure your content remains relevant and up-to-date.


Keep your website's content relevant and accurate with the Easy Text Replace plugin. Whether you're making minor updates or significant changes, this plugin ensures that your data is backed up and easily restorable. Download the Easy Text Replace plugin today and experience hassle-free content management.