Secure Access+

Enhance your website's security with Secure Access+, a fully customizable password protection plugin that transforms your login page into a seamless, brand-aligned gateway.

Secure Access+ Bludit Plugin

Secure Access+ - Free Bludit Security Plugin

In the digital era, security is more than just a necessity—it's a must. But managing visitor access during sensitive updates or private events shouldn't degrade user experience. That's why we've developed the Secure Access+ plugin, a tool designed to transform your website's password protection from a mere security gate into a seamless, brand-cohesive gateway.

Fully Customizable Login Experience

Secure Access+ is crafted to give you full control over how your login page appears to your visitors. Here are just a few of the features that set our plugin apart:

  • Personalize Background and Button Colors: Say goodbye to generic login pages. With Secure Access+, you can easily customize the colors of your login page to align with your brand's aesthetic. Choose from a dynamic palette to set the right tone for your site's entry point.

  • Customizable Login Button Text: Communicate with your users from the get-go with customizable button text. Tailor the call-to-action to resonate more personally with your audience, whether you invite them to 'Enter', 'Join Us', or simply 'Login'.

  • Adaptive Input Text: Flexibility extends to input fields. Adjust the placeholder text in your password field to guide your visitors smoothly, enhancing both security and usability.

  • Responsive Design for All Devices: With mobile-first design principles, Secure Access+ ensures that your protected entry point is as elegant and functional on mobile devices as it is on desktops. Enjoy a flawless, responsive interface that adjusts to fit any screen size, guaranteeing that every user's first interaction with your site is a positive one.

Enhancing User Interaction, Even Before Login

Secure Access+ isn't just about safeguarding your site—it enhances visitor interactions from the moment they arrive at your login screen. By providing a customizable, branded entry point, you can keep your audience engaged, decrease frustration during access-restricted periods, and set the stage for what lies beyond the login.

Ease of Use and Powerful Customization

We've engineered this plugin with simplicity at its core. Secure Access+ is intuitive enough for beginners yet powerful enough for seasoned developers. Setting up and personalizing your login page is straightforward, with no coding required. Just a few clicks in the plugin settings, and your secure, stylish login page is ready to go.


Restricting access to your website doesn't have to be a barrier to user engagement. With Secure Access+, you turn a necessary security measure into an opportunity to impress and reassure your visitors. Customize your login page today, and ensure every interaction with your site reflects the excellence of your brand.