Title Capitalizer

Optimize your website's readability with Title Capitalizer, a fully customizable plugin that automates title formatting, ensuring every title on your site adheres to professional capitalization standards.

Title Capitalizer Bludit Plugin

Title Capitalizer - Free Bludit Content Plugin

In the world of digital content, presentation is everything. Proper title capitalization not only improves readability but also adds a touch of professionalism to your articles. That's why we've developed the Title Capitalizer plugin, a tool designed to automate and standardize title capitalization across your website, ensuring every piece of content adheres to the correct style guide.

Automated Title Capitalization

The Title Capitalizer plugin is built to take the hassle out of manual title formatting. Here are just a few of the features that make our plugin an essential tool for content creators:

  • Multiple Capitalization Styles: Whether you're following APA, CMS, AP, MLA, BB, AMA, or NYT style guides, the Title Capitalizer plugin has got you covered. Easily select your preferred style and let the plugin do the rest.

  • Instant Application: As soon as you finish typing your title, the Title Capitalizer automatically formats it according to your chosen style. No need to go back and edit—your titles are formatted correctly from the start.

  • Enhanced Readability: Proper title capitalization makes your content more accessible and easier to read, which can improve engagement and retention. The Title Capitalizer ensures that your titles are always reader-friendly.

  • Consistency Across Your Site: Maintain a consistent look and feel across all your content. The Title Capitalizer plugin ensures that every title on your website adheres to the same standard, reinforcing your brand's professionalism.

Improving Content Quality, One Title at a Time

The Title Capitalizer plugin isn't just about automation—it's about enhancing the quality of your content from the very first interaction. By providing a reliable, consistent title format, you can improve readability, boost SEO, and make a strong first impression on your readers.

Easy to Use and Highly Customizable

Designed with both beginners and seasoned professionals in mind, the Title Capitalizer plugin is easy to set up and customize. With a user-friendly interface, you can select your preferred capitalization style in just a few clicks. No coding required—just straightforward, effective title formatting.


Proper title capitalization is a small detail that makes a big difference. With the Title Capitalizer plugin, you can automate this essential task, ensuring every title on your site is perfectly formatted and professional. Enhance your content today with Title Capitalizer, and let your titles reflect the quality of your brand.