Page Redirects

Streamline your website's URL redirection with our Redirect Plugin, ideal for maintaining user experience and SEO during site changes or migrations.

Page Redirects Bludit Plugin

Page Redirects - Free Bludit Utility Plugin

Navigating a website's evolution—whether updating page URLs, moving content, or transitioning to a secure HTTPS protocol—requires robust tools. The Redirect Plugin is designed to manage these changes efficiently, ensuring that your visitors and search engines can seamlessly transition with you.

Why Use the Redirect Plugin?

Redirecting URLs is a crucial task for many website administrators. It ensures that users and search engines are directed to the right pages, even after a site's structure has changed. This is essential for:

  • Maintaining SEO Value: When URLs change, the SEO value accumulated over time can be lost. Proper redirection preserves these values, passing on the benefits to the new URL.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Avoid the frustration associated with landing on outdated or broken links. Redirect users to the relevant content they are searching for without hassle.
  • Securing Your Site: Automatically redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS, enhancing your website's security and trustworthiness.

Features of the Redirect Plugin

  • Flexible Redirection Rules: Configure redirection rules easily through a user-friendly interface. Redirect URLs permanently (301) or temporarily (302), based on your needs.
  • Support for External Redirects: Whether your redirect targets are internal or point to external websites, manage them all within a single interface.
  • Automatic HTTPS Enforcement: Force all incoming traffic to use HTTPS to ensure your website meets the latest security standards.


Whether you're overhauling an existing site, shifting to HTTPS, or simply ensuring that old links don't lead to dead ends, the Redirect Plugin provides a robust solution to manage your web traffic efficiently. It's an indispensable tool for website administrators looking to maintain optimal site performance and a seamless user experience.

Empower your website with the Redirect Plugin today and take control of your site's navigational changes without skipping a beat.